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Best dietitian and nutritionist in Pakistan Javeria Mehmood gets reviews for helping clients lose weight and gain muscle. Get the best health advice here.

Javeria Mehmood

Javeria Mehmood is consultant qualified nutritionist & dietitian and licensed dietitian in Lahore, Pakistan with more than 6 years of professional experience and very active online on social media with audience that currently exceeds 50,000 people.

By doing 300+ televisions programs on public nutrition awareness till now Javeria is educating people of Pakistan about good and healthy food. Javeria use her nutrition expertise to help people make unique & positive lifestyle changes. She work throughout the community in hospitals, educational institutes, public health clinics, fitness centers, food management authorities, food industry, hospitality, research and private practice.

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Services offered by Nutritionist & Dietitian Javeria Mehmood

By improving your nutrition and changing your diet and lifestyle habits, you can decrease your chances of experiencing some major health issues. Visit my services page to get all detail about services i offer to improve your health and lifestyle

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