Waist Circumference

How to measure Waist Circumference

  1. Remove clothing from the waist line.
  2. Stand with feet shoulder width apart (25 to 30 centimetres or 10 to 12 inches) and back straight.
  3. Locate the top of the hip bone. This is the part of the hip bone at the side of the waist not at the front of the body. Use the area between the thumb and index finger to feel for the hip bone at the side of the waist.
  4. Align the bottom edge of the measuring tape with the top of the hip bone. Wrap the tape measure all the way around the waist. Ensure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor and not twisted.
  5. Take two normal breaths and on the exhale of the second breath tighten the tape measure so it is snug but not digging into the skin.
  6. Take the measure of the waist to the nearest 0.5 cm (1/4 inch).
  7. Compare your results with below chart.